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a little bit of BK in VA

Posts made in December 14th, 2012


What a weird little issue.  We see Reed and Sue off away together, Ben and Johnny moping about how they’ve become the holes the donut without Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Girl, Ben stressing about how he’s made of rocks so Alicia can’t possibly love him…And then the Watcher enters the living room and once again interferes-without-interfering.  This time, Silver Surfer has decided humans are too warlike so he’s gonna blow them all up.

Not a real well thought out guy.



We made it!

To all the dozen or so people who are reading and enjoying this trip through Avengers history, thanks for sticking around!

#100 was a gang-bang…Every superhero who was on the team, and even many fringe folks like Swordsman and Hercules, banded together for…A pretty lame comic.  But the art was great, and it was fun to see the whole group together.


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