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a little bit of BK in VA

Posts made in November 11th, 2012


I met Philly/Bmore rapper e-dubble in 2011 on Stumbleupon before SU sucked, and was immediately hooked on his flow.  There’s a little bit of Slug in there, but he’s got more of an edge to him.  He’s got one of those really crisp, distinctive voices that make hip hop so much fun to listen to.  Like Chuck D or Ludacris or Eminem, or STP or B.O.B.  I mean, he’s nothing like those guys, but when you hear e-dubble, you know what you’re listening to right away.

“Reset” is all about renewal, changing, and becoming something fresh. I’m lovin’ it. As usual.



I had completely forgotten how, in the beginning, Thing was not only much more gruesome but he used to randomly change back and forth from rocky to fleshy.  I don’t think they ever explained how this kept happening….But I guess I’ll find out!

And speaking of shape-shifting, this is the issue that introduced The Skrulls.  Kirby’s original design was almost funny–much bigger ears and much scrawnier build.


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