• The JSA doesn’t exist in “our” world—they’re going to get their own Earth-2 series.
  • Vertigo exists in our world…Except when it doesn’t.  Swamp Thing and Constantine are here—but it’s not clear whether the “Sweet Tooth” world will be explained and “fit in” to the new DCU.  I always assumed Swampy and Consty were already in the DCU, and Vertigo was just a line to tell more mature stories about them.  Shows what I know.
  • Batman “hasn’t changed,” except that he has…He’s much more like Frank Miller’s All Star Batman, apparently, at least when Geoff Johns is writing him. Oh, and he has super-powers.  Or at least super armor.  Because in JL#1 ,he leaps “twenty feet.”
  • Cyborg isn’t a Teen Titan.  Or is he?  He’s a founding member of the Justice League, at least, which takes place 5 years ago.  I guess we’ll see what happens when Titans launches.  All I know is, I just ordered the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans Omnibus, so no matter how Geoff Johns reorganizes/erases the DCU, he’ll never get those stories off of my shelf!
  • The “beyond” universe will expand.  I’m pretty sure this is an alternate Earth thing.  But anway, we’ll see Superman Beyond and we’re promised “other” books as well.  I’m sure CD is happy to read that.  I know he’s a fan of Batman Beyond.
  • The aforementioned JSA and Beyond books will be part of a second launch—books that will replace underperforming books from the first launch.  So, basically, Dan DiDio produced 52 new titles and is already planning for their failure.  Niiiiiiice.
  • Raven isn’t in the Titans, but will get a miniseries.  A Teen Titans book without Raven?  That’s like a lollipop with no stick!
  • The new Green Arrow looks like the Green Arrow from the Smallville TV show, and feels a lot like 1960s Batman.  Also, he looks kinda gay.  Actually, he kinda always looked gay.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)
  • Scott Snyder hasn’t lost his knack for exciting arc-openers: Swamp Thing #1 began with a plague killing wildlife around the world, and Batman #1 shows us a person impaled to a wall by dozens of knives.  Neither beats the dead whale on the bank floor, but they’re still pretty damn good.
  • Superman’s got an edge to him, which makes him (gasp!) actually interesting.

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