THE NIRVANA DIASPORA: Covers, rarities, oddities and offspring (Part Two)

Part One is here!

F is for

G is for

  • A tracked tagged “Gothic Teen Spirit” by Nirvana (YSI).  If any of you know the story behind this version, please share it in the comments.  I love this take on this song–it’s so different, yet so similar.  Like New Order doing Nirvana.
  • Generator-Foo Fighters.  A live version I’m including because I needed a G.  Plus, it’s a pretty cool tune.

H is for

  • Hole’s cover of Nirvana’s Pennyroyal Tea (YSI).  The best song about abortion since “Lime in the Coconut.”  (I know that’s just a rumor, but it’s such a great one.)
  • Hole’s own tune: Asking For It (Live)-Hole.  I figured I had to have a little Courtney repped here, and this is one of the best Hole songs and one of the best live performances I’ve heard by her, as well.

I is for

J is for

  • Junk.  Immigrant Song-Nirvana (YSI).  This is bad quality and it’s just a fragment.  For completists only.

K is for

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