Lots of the time, when I’m looking for a song or examples of a band’s catalog, I turn to the archive. It’s a fount of great stuff, and these are the best covers of the lot for this year. And by “best,” I mean most interesting. And by “the lot” I mean the ones I was able to find.

And this post is so big, I’ve busted it across more than one post…

A is for A Little Less Conversation-Ha Ha The Moose (Elvis Presley). Check these guys out. HHTM are a solid band you’ve probably never heard of . . .

B is for Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)-Annie Bethancourt. There’s been lots of covers of this tune, but Bethancourt’s is one of the best. Her voice is perfect.

B is also for The Band. The Weight (The Band)-Little Feat. Yes, Little Feat is STILL around!

C is for Come Together-Carbon Leaf (Beatles cover). One of the best basslines in rock and roll history.

C is also for Powderfinger (Neil Young)-Cowboy Junkes. I’ve always loved this version. It’s so haunting.

D is for Danger! Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul McCartney and Wings)-Harvey Danger, with guitar solo by Jon Brion.

E is for All The Young Dudes (Mott the Hoople)-Alejandro Escovedo. Such a tremendous talent here. You really should see him live. I’d tell you to buy his new record, but it’s on a major label.

F is for Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)-Smashing Pumpkins. An oldie but a goodie from Corgan’s group. For something a little newer . . . The Sounds of Silence (Simon and Garfunkle)-Smashing Pumpkins.

G is for Loving Cup-God Johnson (Rolling Stones)

H is for Country Honk-Hayes Carl (Rolling Stones)

I is for “I Will See You Tomorrow” for another post!

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