THE BREEDERS-“Double Trouble”

art_1.jpg“Double Trouble” is a widely circulated bootleg compilation of stuff from The Breeders 1993 tour, the one from when they were at the crest of the “Cannonball” wave. I haven’t heard the new Breeders album, “Mountain Battles,” (it isn’t out yet, I don’t think), but I’m really looking forward to it.

In case any of you don’t know who they are, The Breeders were an alt-rock band that peaked in the early ’90s, rising from the ashes of two great alternative/punk bands: Kim Deal of the Pixies and Tanya Donelly of the wonderful Throwing Muses. Kim was joined by her twin, Kelley Deal (guitar and vocals), to form the heart of the band. They’re often credited with being part of the riot grrrrl movement.

A few tastes, and a zip.

1. Iris (3:11)
2. Cannonball (3:35)
3. Saints (2:34)
4. Hag (2:25)
5. Fortunately Gone (1:50)
6. When I Was a Painter (2:46)
7. Doe (2:06)
8. Limehouse (1:54)
9. Only In 3’s (3:39)
10. Doe (2:05)
11. Hellbound (2:46)
12. Safari (3:13)
13. Happiness is a Warm Gun (2:40)
14. Driver (2:38)
15. Do You Love Me Now? (3:02)
16. Don’t Call Home (4:01)
17. Fortunately Gone (2:00)
18. I Just Wanna Get Along (1:54)
19. When I Was a Painter (3:57)
20. Limehouse (1:59)
21. Iris (3:33)
22. Opened (2:22)


Alternate zip file.

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