SHIM SHAM 5/5/2000

I’m very sad to say that this will be my last Shim Sham post. Nobody has come forward to win an Editors CD by sending me a Shim show. So all I have left is the 2000 show, which was actually just Adam Duritz and David Immergluck. The quality on this one is significantly muffled, unfortunately.

These are for you. I will wait until the end of the day tomorrow to give the Editors CD to someone else, so if you have a show, please please please let me get what I want.

I Wish I Was a Girl
Crossing Muddy Water
Pancho and Lefty
Sullivan Street
Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin)
Goodnight, Elizabeth
Rain King
For the Sake of the Song
A Long December
Another Horsedreamer’s Blues
Closer to You
Mr. Jones
Low (Cracker cover)
How Can I Live Without You . . .
Useless Stuff


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