This is a companion page to my main, in-progress “History of Marvel,” which has links to individual posts on every single Marvel Universe comic (in continuity only), from the beginning through the 1980s.  This page grades the creative runs of various titles.  A “run” is an extended (more than ten issue) period where a particular writer or creative team controlled a title.  They were a lot more common in the 1970s and 1980s, when Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Steve Englehart, and many others would truly control a character–shaping the hero and allowing the character to evolve over time.

They’re the way real nerds refer to comic books.


“A” Grade: The best comics has to offer, bar none.
“B” Grade: Well above average, especially for its time.  A few issues or stories in the run may be “A” level.
“C” Grade: Better than average compared to other runs on other titles at the time, but may still be dated or mediocre.
“D” Grade: Average or below.
“F” Grade: Terrible.  Stay away.

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.   Grade: A+.  Amazing Fantasy #15, #1-38 (1962-1966) *One of the greatest runs of all time*
Lee and John Romita, Sr, (mostly) Gill Kane.  Grade: A, B.  #39-88, 89-110 (1966-1972)
Gerry Conway and (mostly) Gil Kane, John Romita Sr., and Ross Andru. Grade: B-. #111-149 (1972-1975)
Len Wein and Ross Andru.  Grade: C.  #150-181 (1975-1978)
Marv Wolfman and various .  Grade: B-.  #181-204 (1978-1980)
Denny O’Neil and John Romita, Jr.  Grade: C.  #207-223 (1980-1981)
Roger Stern and John Romita, Jr.  Grade: A+. #224-252 (1982-1984) *One of the greatest runs of all time*
Tom DeFalco and (mostly) Ron Frenz.  Grade: B+/A-. #253-285 (1984-1987)
David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane.  Grade: B. #298-324 (1987-1989)
Michelinie and Mark Bagely.  Grade: C.  #324-388 (1989-1993)
JM DeMatteis and Mark Bagely.  Grade: D. #389-406 (1994-1996)
Tom DeFalco and (mostly) Mark Bagely.  Grade: D.  #407-439 (1996-1998).
J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita, Jr/Mike Deodato, Jr.  Grade: A+/B-.  #471-545 (2001-2007)
Joe Quesada (One More Day); “Brand New Day” rotating writers (Dan Slott, Marc Guggenheim, Bob Gale, Zeb Wells) and art (Steve McNiven, Salvador Larroca, Phil Jimenez, Chris Bachalo, Barry Kitson, Marcos Martin).  Grade: B+.  #546-647 (2007-2010)
Dan Slott and various.  Grade: B+.  #648-700 (2010-2012).

Volume One.  All posts at this tag.
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby/Don Heck.  Grade: A+.  #1-35 (1963-1966)
Roy Thomas and (mostly) John Buscema.  Grade: B+.  #36-104 (1966-1972)
Steve Englehart and various.  Grade: A.  #105-150 (1972-1976)
Jim Shooter and George Perez.  Grade: A+.  #158-177 (1976-1978) *One of the greatest runs of all time*
Jim Michelinie and various.  Grade: B+.  #181-187, 190-205, 223 (1979-1981)
Jim Shooter and various.  Grade: B.  #211-218, 224 (1981-1982)
Roger Stern and (mostly) Al Milgrom.  Grade: A+.  #227-250 (1983-1984) *One of the greatest runs of all time*
Roger Stern and (mostly) John Buscema.  Grade: A.  #251-287 (1985-1988)
Walt Simonson and John Buscema.  Grade: B.  #291-300 (1988-1989)
Larry Hama and (mostly) Paul Ryan).  Grade: C+.  #326-333 (1990-1991)
Bob Harras and (mostly) Steve Epting.  Grade: C.  #334-351, 355-375 (1991-1994)
Bob Harras and various.  Grade: C-.  #384-399 (1995-1996)
Mark Waid and Mike Deodato.  Grade: B-.  #400-403 (1996).
Volume Two (“Heroes Reborn”).  All posts at this tag.
Rob Liefeld, Walt Simonson, Michael Ryan, others.  Grade: B.  #1-13 (1996-1997
Volume Three/Volume One (Vol. 3 started with #1, but later was renumbered as part of Vol. 1; numbers below reflect Vol. 1 numbering).    All posts at this tag.
Kurt Busiek and (mostly) George Perez.  Grade: A- (with Perez)/B+ (after Perez).  #1-56 (1997-1998)
Howard Mackie and many big name artists.  Grade: F. #1(also numbered 443)-29 (1999-2001).
Geoff Johns and Various. Grade: B-. #57-76 (2002-2004)
Chuck Austen and Scott Kolins. Grade C.  #77-84 (2004)
Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch.  Grade A.  #500-504 (2004-2005)
The New Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis and various.  Grade: A #1-25 (2005-2006).

Jungle Action (BP’s first series) by Don MacGregor and Rich Buckler.  Grade: A (1974-1976)
Black Panther Vol. 1
Jack Kirby.  Grade: B.  #1-12 (1977-1978)
Ed Hannigan and Jerry Bingham.  Grade: C.  #13-15 (1978)
Black Panther: Marvel Knights by Priest and Mark Texiera and others.  Grade: B.  #1-41 (1998)
Black Panther Vol. 4 by Reggie Hudlin and John Romita, Jr. and others.  Grade: A- (Romita issues)/B- (non-Romita).  #1-41 (2004-2006)
Black Panther Vol. 5 by Reggie Hudlin and various.  Grade: C #1-12 (2008-2009)
Black Panther: The Man Without Fear by David Liss and Francesco Francavilla.  Grade: B+ #511-520 (picks up Daredevil Vol. 1 numbering) (1998-1999)

Tales of Suspense by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  Grade: B+.  #59-100 (1964-1967)
Captain America Vol. 1
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  Grade: B+.  #100-109 (1968)
Stan Lee and Jim Steranko.  Grade: A.  #110-113 (1968-1969)
Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.  Grade: B-. #114, 138-141 (1969, 1971)
Stan Lee and Gene Colan.  Grade: B.  #116-137 (1969-1971)
Gary Friedrich and John Romita, Sr. and Sal Buscema.  Grade: C+.  #142-148 (1971-1972)
Steve Englehart and (mostly) Sal Buscema.  Grade: A.  #153-167, 169-186 (1972-1975)
Jack Kirby.  Grade: C+.  #193-214 (1976-1977)
Roy Thomas and various.  Grade: C. #214-221 (1977-1978)
Roger Stern and John Byrne.  Grade: A+.  #247-255 (1980-1981) *One of the greatest runs of all time*
J.M. DeMatteis (starting with #261) and (mostly) Mike Zeck.  Grade: A-.  #259-302 (1981-1985)
Mark Gruenwald and various.  Grade: B+ (early issues); B- (later issues).  #307-443 (1985-1995)
Captain America Vol. 5
Ed Brubaker and (mostly) Steve Epting and Butch Guice.  Grade A+. #1-50, 600-19, 1-19, 620-628.  (2005-2012) *One of the greatest runs of all time*

daredevilStan Lee and Bill Everett (#1), Joe Orlando (#2-4), Wallace Wood (#5-11), John Romita, Sr. (#12-19).  Grade: B.  #1-19 (1964-1966)
Stan Lee and Gene Colan.  Grade B-.  #20-49, 53.  (1966-1969)
Roy Thomas and Gene Colan.  Grade: C.  #54-96  (1969-1973)
Steve Gerber and various artists.  Grade: C+  #97-117 (1973-1975)
Marv Wolfman and (mostly) Bob Brown.  Grade: B+.  #125-143 (1975-1977)
Jim Shooter and (mostly) Gil Kane (pencils) and Klaus Janson (inks).  Grade: C+ #144-151 (1977-1978)
Roger McKenzie and various artists (Frank Miller and Klaus Janson #158 on).  Grade: B+.  #152-166 (1978-1980)
Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.  Grade: A+.  #167-191 (1980-1983).  *One of the greatest runs of all time*
Denny O’Neil and (mostly) William Johnson.  Grade: B.  #195-214 (1983-1985)
Denny O’Neil and David Mazzucchelli.  Grade: A-.  #215-226 (1985-1986)
Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.  Grade: A+.  #227-233 (1986) *One of the greatest runs of all time*
Ann Nocenti and (mostly) Louise Williams.  Grade B.  #236-249 (1986-1987)
Ann Nocenti and (mostly) John Romita, Jr.  Grade: A-.  #250-283 (1988-1990)
Ann Nocenti and Lee Weeks.  Grade: B+.  #284-291 (1990-1991)
D.G. Chichester and Lee Weeks/Various.  Grade: C #292-331 (1991-1994)


Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld.  Grade: B The New Mutants #98 (1991)
Fabian Nicieza and Joe Madureira.  Grade: B Deadpool: The Circle Chase (1993)
Tom Brevoort and Jerry Declaire.  Grade: F The Secret Defenders #15-17 (1994)
Mark Waid and Ian Churchill.  Grade: B Deadpool Volume One #1-4 (1994) (miniseries)
Deadpool Volume 2 (1997) 
Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness, others.  Grade: A+  #1, 2, 3-5, 6-9 and DP/Daredevil Annual ’97, 10-11, 12-13, 14, 15, DP/Death Annual ’98, 18-19, 20, Baby’s 1st Deadpool Book, 22, 23-25, 26-27 (1st Dr. Bong), 29-32, 33
Christopher Priest and Paco Diaz.  Grade: B #34-36, 37 (DP realizes he is in a comic book), 38-43, 44, 45
Jimmy Palmiotti and Paul Chadwick, Darick Robertson.  Grade: D- #46-49, 50-51, 52-56,
Frank Tieri and Georges Jeanty.  Grade: F.  #57-64
Gail Simone and Udon.  Grade: A+ 65-69
Chris Claremont and Oscar Jimenez (1998).  Grade: F  Contest of Champions II
Marc Andreyko and Walter McDaniel.  Grade: B-  Wolverine Annual 1999
Fabian Nicieza and Yanick Paquette.  Grade: C.  Gambit #17-18
Rob Liefeld.  Grade: B-  Wolverine #154-155 (2000)
Gail Simone and Udon.  Grade: B-  Agent X #1-3
Cable & Deadpool by Fabian Nicieza and (mostly) Mark Brooks (2004).  Grade: B.  #1, 2-6, 7, 9, 10, 11-14, 15-19, 20-22, 24, 25-29, 30-31, 32-3536-38, 3940-42, 43-44, 45-50
Superman/Batman Annual #3 (2003) (cameo only)
Identity Disc #1-6 by Robert Rodi and John Higgins (2004).  Grade: B
Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun #1 (2007).  Grade: A
White Tiger #5 (2007) (cameo only)
Wolverine Origins #21-25 by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon (2008).  Grade: B
Deadpool Vol. 2 by Daniel Way and various artists (2008).  Grade: C+ (starts strong, then gets awful) # 1-7, 810-1213-15, 16-24, 25-36, 37-63.
Messiah War and other appearances (2008)
Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth (2009).  Grade: B
Deadpool Team-Up (2010).  Grade: B/C (each issue is by a different creator)
Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War (2010).  Grade: B+
Deadpool Corps (2010).  Grade: B-
Uncanny X-Force (2011).  Grade: A-
Deadpool in 2011 and 2012.  Grade: B-/C
Avenging Spider-Man #12 (team-up).  Grade: A
Deadpool MAX by David Lapham and Kyle Baker (2011).  Grade: A+
Deadpool Miniseries by Cullen Bunn:

Deadpool: The Art of War (2014).  Grade: A
Deadpool vs. Hawkeye (2015).  Grade: B
Deadpool vs. X-Force (2015).  Grade: B-
Deadpool and the Mercs for Money (2015).  Grade: D
Deadpool Top 10 (made in 2011).
Roy Thomas (and various artists).  Grade: B.  Early appearances and Marvel Feature #1-3 (1971)
Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema. Grade: A.  #1-11 (1972)
Len Wein and Buscema.  Grade: B.  #12-19 (1974-1975)
Steve Gerber and Buscema.  Grade: A.  #20-41 (1975-1976)
(Mostly) David Kraft (Kraft had cowriters until #49) and Keith Giffen.  Grade: B  #42-56 (1976-1978)
David Kraft and Ed Hannigan.  Grade: B+.  #58-66 (1978-1979)
Ed Hannigan and Herb Trimpe.  Grade D.  #70-91 (1979-1981)
JM DeMatteis and Don Perlin.  Grade: B.  #92-130 (1981-1984)
Peter B. Gillis and Alan Kupperberg/Don Perlin.  Grade: B-.  #131-End (1984-1986)

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.  Grade: B.  Strange Tales #110-143 (1963-1966)

Roy Thomas and (mostly) Gene Colan.  Grade: C.  Dr. Strange #169-183 (1968-1969)

Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner (#1-5), Gene Colan.  Grade: B+.  Doctor Strange Vol. 2 #1-18 (1974-1976)

Roger Stern (sometimes w/Ralph Macchio) and (mostly) Tom Sutton and Gene Colan.  Grade: C-.  Vol. 2 #27-37 (1978-1979)
Chris Claremont and (mostly) Gene Colan.  Grade: C.  #38-45 (1979-1980)
Roger Stern and (mostly) Marshall Rogers, Michael Golden, and Paul Smith.  Grade: B+.  Vol. 2 #46 (backup story only)-75 (1981-1986)

Peter Gillis and (mostly) Chris Warner.  Grade ___.  Vol. 2 #76- (1986-

Stan Lee/Jack Kirby. Grade: A+. #1-104 (1961-1970) *One of the greatest runs of all time*
Lee/Archie Goodwin/Roy Thomas/Gerry Conway John Buscema. Grade: B- (Lee)/F (Goodwin)/B.  #107-141 (1970-1974)
Gerry Conway and Rich Buckler. Grade: C-. #142-152 (1974)
Roy Thomas and (mostly) Rich Buckler.  Grade: B-.  #158-192 (1975-1978)
Marv Wolfman/Keith Pollard, John Byrne. Grade: A-.   #195-217 (1979-1980)
Doug Moench/ Bill Sienkiewicz. Grade: C-. #219-228 (1980-1981)
John Byrne. Grade: A+.  #220-295 (1980-1986)
Roger Stern/(mostly) Buscema. Grade: C+.  #294-303 (1986-1987)
Steve Englehart/(mostly) Buscema, Pollard. Grade: B-  #304-333 (1987-1989)
Walt Simonson. Grade: A  #334-354  (1989-1991)
Tom DeFalco/Paul Ryan (mostly). Grade: D #356-416 (1991-1996)
Brandon Choi, Jim Lee. Vol. 2 #1-12.  Grade: B- (1996-1997)
Chis Claremont and Salvador Larroca.  Grade: F  Vol. 3 #4-32 (1997-2000) 
Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin, Jeph Loeb (cowriters)/Carlos Pacheco (art).  Grade: B.  Vol. 3 #35-54 (2000-2002)

  • Note: issue 42 begins double numbering as Volume 1, #471

Mark Waid/(mostly) Mike Wieringo. Grade: A #60-524 (#70 renumbers to #500) (2002-2005)
J. Michael Straczynski and Mike McKone. Grade: B+.  #527-541 (2005-2007)
Dwayne McDuffie/(mostly) Paul Pelletier. Grade: F #544-553 (2007-2008)
Mark Millar/Bryan Hitch. Grade: D.  #554-569 (2008-2009)
Jonathan Hickman/(mostly) Dale Eaglesham, Steve Epting. Grade: A-.  #570-611 (2009-2012)

Tony Isbella and various. Grade: C-.  #6-19 (1974-1976)
Mike Fleisher and Don Perlin.  Grade: D.  #36-58 (1979-1981
hulk banner
Vol. 1.  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  Grade: C+.  #1-6 (1962)
Tales to Astonish (1964)
Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.  Grade: C.  #60-68 (1964-1965)
Lee and Kirby (Kirby often did layouts only).  Grade: B-.  #68–87 (1965-1967)
Lee and Marie Severin.  Grade: C+. #88-101 (1967-1968)
Vol. 2 (picks up numbering from Tales to Astonish)
Gary Friedrich/Stan Lee and Severin/Herb Trimpe.  Grade: C.  #102-119 (1968-1969)
Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe. Grade: B #120-145 (1969-1971)
Archie Goodwin and Herb Trimpe.  Grade: B. #149-157 (1972)
Steve Englehart and Herb Trimpe.  Grade C+. #159-173 (1973-1974)
Len Wein and Herb Trimpe.  Grade: B- #179-193 (1974-1975)
Len Wein and Sal Buscema. Grade: B. #194-220 (1975-1978)
Roger Stern and (mostly) Sal Buscema.  Grade: B+ #221-244 (1978-1980)
Bill Mantlo and (mostly) Sal Buscema. Grade: A- #245-313 (1980-1985)
John Byrne.  Grade: A. #314-319 (1985-1986)
Al Milgrom.  Grade: F #320-329 (1986-1987)
Peter David and Todd MacFarlane. Grade: B+ #331-346 (1987-1988)
Peter David and Jeff Purves. Grade: A+. #347-367 (1988-1990)
Peter David and Dale Keown.  Grade: A-. #369-398 (1990-1992)
Peter David and Gary Frank Grade: B+. #403-425 (1993-1995)
Peter David and various (Terry Dodson, Andy Kubert, Mike Deodato). Grade: B-. #433-467 (1995-1998)
Joe Casey and Javier Pulido. Grade C+.#468-474 (series ends) (1998-1999)
John Byrne and (mostly) Ron Garney.  Grade: C.  Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #1-7 (1999).  
Paul Jenkins and (mostly) Ron Garney.  Grade C.  Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #12-32 (2000-2001).  
Bruce Jones and various artists.  Grade: A+.  #34-76 (2001-2005).  
Peter David and various artists.  Grade: C+. #77-87 (2005-2006).  
Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan.  Grade: A #92-115 (2006-2008).  
Stan Lee and (mostly) Don Heck.  Grade: C+.  Tales of Suspense #39-72 (1963-1965
Stan Lee and (mostly) Gene Colan.  Grade: C.  Tales of Suspense #73-98 (1965-1968)
Archie Goodwin and (mostly) Johnny Craig or Don Heck.  Grade: C-.  Iron Man #1-28 (1968-1970)
Gerry Conway and Don Heck/George Tuska.  Grade: D.  #35- (1971)
Mike Friedrich and (mostly) George Tuska.  Grade: C-.  #48-55, 58-59, 61-69, 71-75, 77-81 (1972-1975)
Bill Mantlo and George Tuska #86-87, 95-115 (1976-1978)
David Michelinie and John Romita Jr. and/or Bob Layton.  Grade: A+.  #116-153 (with some fill-in issues) (1978-1981)
Denny O’Neil and Luke McConnell (note: Denny started scripting with #154).  Grade: A.  #161-195 (1982-1985)
Denny O’Neil and (mostly) Mark Bright.  Grade: B.  #196-208 (1985-1986)
David Michelinie and Bob Layton.  Grade: B. #215-250  (1987-1989)

Ka-Zar Vol. 2

Michael Friedrich and (mostly) Don Heck.  Grade: C- #1-5 (1974-1975)

Doug Moench and various.  Grade: C-.  #10-20 (1976-1977)

Ka-Zar the Savage Vol. 1

Bruce Jones and Brent Anderson, Ron Frenz, Armando Gil.  Grade: C, C+, C-.  #1-19, 20-26, 27-28. (1981-1984)



Steve Gerber and (mostly) Val Mayerik, Mike Ploog, Jim Mooney.   Grade: B. Adventure Into Fear #11-19, Vol. 1 #1-22 (1974-1975)

Len Wein and various.  Grade: C-.  #11-27 (1973-1974)
Gerry Conway and various.  Grade: C-.  #28-37 (1974-1975)
Bill Mantlo and (mostly) Sal Buscema.  Grade: C  #38-54 (1975-1976)
 Chris Claremont and (mostly) John Byrne.  #55-70, 79. Grade: B (1976-1978)
Chris Claremont and (mostly) Sal Buscema.  #76-77, 80-86, 88-89.  Grade: B- (1978-1980)
Steven Grant and various.  #87, 90-95, 97.  Grade:  C.   (1979-1980)

David Michelinie and various. #114-133  Grade: C+.  (1982-1983)

Steve Gerber and various.  Grade: B.  #1-9 (1975).
Bill Mantlo and various.  Grade: C+.  #11–12, 14–19, 21–24 (1975-1977)
Marv Wolfman and (mostly) Ron Wilson.  Grade: C-.  #25-39 (1977-1978)
Mark Gruenwald, often with Ralph Macchio, and (mostly) Ron Wilson.  Grade: B-.  #53-74 (1979-1981)

Tom DeFalco and (mostly) Ron Wilson.  Grade: C+.  #75-87 (1981-1982)

Doug Moench and Don Perlin.  Grade: B.  Werewolf by Night 32-33, 37, Marvel Spotlight #28 (1975-1976)
Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz.  Grade: A.  Vol. 1 #1-31 (1980-1983)
Alan Zelenetz and (mostly) Chris Warner.  Grade: F.  Vol. 1 #36-38 (1984) and Vol. 2 #1-4 (1985)
Charlie Huston and (mostly) David Finch. Grade: B Vol 5 #1-6, 7-8, ends at # (2006)
Mike Benson and various.  Grade: F.  Vol.  5 #1430
Greg Hurwitz and Jerome Opena.  Grade: C+. Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1-10  (2009)
Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.  Grade: B+.  Vol. 6 #1-10 (2011) 
peter parker spectaular spider man logoGerry Conway/Archie Goodwin and Sal Buscema Grade: A-.  #1-8  (1976-1977)
Bill Mantlo and (mostly) Sal Buscema/Jim Mooney Grade: B-/C+ #9-42 (1977-1980) 
Roger Stern and various Grade: B-.  #43-61 (1980-1981).
Bill Mantlo and (mostly) Ed Hannigan/Al Milgrom  Grade: B+  #62-89 (1982-1984)
Al Milgrom Grade: C- #90-100 (1984-1985)
Peter David and (mostly) Rich Buckler Grade: B+#103, 105-129, 134-136 (1985-1987). Note: David did not write #131 and 132, which were part of JM DeMatteis and Mike Zeck’s, “Kraven’s Last Hunt” story.  

Luke Cage: Hero For Hire
Archie Goodwin and George Tuska.
  Grade: B+.  #1-3 (1972)

Steve Englehart and George Tuska/Billy Graham.  Grade: A-. #5-16, 26 (1973-1974)

Luke Cage: Power Man

Marv Wolfman (editor, often writer) and various artists.  Grade: B-. #37-46 (1976-1977)

Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Grade: A- Power Man #48-49; Iron Fist Vol. 1 #1-16 (1975-1977)
Power Man and Iron Fist
Mary Jo Duffy and Kerry Gammil. Grade: B+.  #62-78 (1981-1982)
Mary Jo Duffy and Denys Cowan. Grade: A-.  #79-84 (1982)
Denny O’Neill and various artists.  Grade: A-.  #85-89 (1982-1983)
Kurt Busiek and Denys Cowan/Ernie Chan.  Grade: A #90-100, 102 (1983)
Jim Owsley and Greg LaRoque/Mark Bright.  Grade: A.  #111-125 (series ends).
The Top 10 Power Man and Iron Fist Comics

Louise Simonson with (mostly) June Brigham and Jon Bogdnove #1-41.  Grade: B+

Jon Bogdanove (mostly writer/artist) #42-

Punisher: Circle of Blood (1985).  Steven Grant and Mike Zeck.  One of the best miniseries of all time.  Grade: A
Punisher Volume 2 (1987).  A character-defining run by Mike Baron established most of the tropes still fundamental to Punisher today.  Grade: B.
Punisher: War Zone (1988). Volume 1 (total).  Grade: C.  Issue #7.  Grade: B+.
Return to Big Nothing (OGN) (1989).  Grant and Zeck team up again.  Grade: A.
Punisher: The Jigsaw Puzzle (1990).  Punisher becomes James Bond.  Grade: B-.
Punisher Summer Special #1 (1991).  Grade: C.
Punisher: Final Days (1991).  The One Where He Becomes a Black Man.  Grade: A (for over-the-top ridiculousness).
Police Action (1993).  Grade: C+.
War Journal #58 (1993).  With Ghost Rider.  Grade: C+.
War Zone #26 (1994).  Grade: B-.
Suicide Run (1994).  Grade: B+.
PunisherMAX by Garth Ennis (2004).  Grade: A+.  Parts 1, 2, 3.
5 Panels from Rick Remender’s Punisher (2009).  Grade: B+
Batman/Punisher (1994) by Chuck Dixon and John Romita, Jr.  Grade: B+.
The 11 Best Punisher Comics of All Time (2010)
The Top 10 Punisher Comics (2015)

The Savage She Hulk.  David Kraft and Mike Vosburg.  Grade: D. #2-25 (1980-1982)
Stan Lee and John Buscema.  Grade: B-.  Volume 1 #1-17 (1968-1970)
Marv Wolfman and Carmine Infantino.  Grade: C-.  Vol.1 #1-11 (1978-1979)
Mark Gruenwald (and cowriters on some) and Carmine Infantino.  Grade: D.  #12-20 (1979-1980)
Michael Fleisher and Frank Springer, Steve Leialoha, others.  Grade: C.  Grade: D.  #21-32 (1980)
Chris Claremont and Steve Leialoha.  Grade: __  #34-46 (1981-1982)

Stan Lee and Gene Colan/Bill Everett.  Grade: C.  Tales to Astonish #70-91 (1965-1967)
Roy Thomas and various.  Grade: C.  Sub-Mariner #1-39 (1968-1971)
Gerry Conway and Gene Colan.  Grade: C-.  #40-49.  (1972-1972)

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  Grade: B+.  Journey Into Mystery/Thor #83-181 (1962-1970)
Stan Lee and John Buscema.  Grade: B.  #182-192 (1970-1971)
Gerry Conway and (mostly) John Buscema.  Grade: B.  #193-238  (1971-1975)
Len Wein and (mostly) John Buscema.  Grade: C-.  #242-259 (1975-1977)

Len Wein and Walt Simonson.  Grade: C.  #260-271 (1977-1978)

Roy Thomas and John Buscema.  Grade: C-.  #272-278, 283-298 (1978-1979)

Doug Moench and (mostly) Keith Pollard (to #324).  Grade: F.  #303-328 (1979-1983)

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  Grade: B+.  1-17 (1964-1966)
Stan Lee and Jay Gavin.  Grade: C+.  #17-19 (1966)

Roy Thomas and (mostly) Werner Roth and Don Heck.  Grade: D  #20-43 (1966-1968)

Arnold Drake and Heck/Roth/Steranko/Smith.  Grade: B+.  #49-54 (1968)

Roy Thomas and Neal Adams.  Grade: A+.  #56-66 (1969-1970)

Len Wein and Dave Cockrum.  Grade: A+.  Giant-Size #1 (1975)

Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum.  Grade: A #96-113 (1975-1976)

Chris Claremont and John Byrne.  Grade: A+ #114-143 (1976-1981)
Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum.  Grade: A.  #139-164 (1981-1982)

Chris Claremont and Paul Smith  Grade: A.  #165-175 (1982-1983)
Chris Claremont and John Romita, Jr.  Grade: B+.  #175-211 (1982-1987)


Civil War and Civil War Frontline (feature)
Marvel Fanfare (A Panel from Every Issue)
Marvel Knights Strange Tales (5 Panels)
M.O.D.O.K. (every appearance of)
Moon Knight (every appearance of)
New Universal by Warren Ellis (feature)
 (A Panel from Every Issue)
ROM the Spaceknight (feature)
THANOS.  For the complete guide to Thanos, go here.
Tomb of Dracula (feature)