Midnight Sons Unlimited #3 (1993)

Rather than a bunch of short stories, this 80-pager is one story with a bunch of the Midnight Sons, as well as Spider-Man.  The Sons get a bunch of individual segments, all drawn by different artists, which has the downside of making this story feel disjointed but the upside of exposing us to a wide variety of styles and lesser-known artists.  (Sadly, most aren’t that good.)

Why should you care? You shouldn’t.  This is still a horrible, pointless comic coming out in a market oversaturated with Ghost Rider and Ghost-Rider-Adjacent characters.

And Spider-Man, too, who has 3 series books a month in addition to multiple guest shots.

Anyway, a spidery-looking creature named Spider-X is running around wearing shreds of a Spider-Man costume, so the Songs fight Spider-Man first (assuming he’s the monster), then the monster.

Also, Zzzax.

Creators: Mort Todd wrote it, and also did the art on one segment.  Other artists: Javier Saltares, John Czop, Ken Meyer Jr., Doug Braithwaite, and Vincent Giarrano
Grade: D

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