DAREDEVIL #197-200 (1983)


This is a great arc! (And the 22d Best DD story of all time.)  Daredevil travels to Japan to find Bullseye and has sex with Lady Deathstrike (actually, the woman who becomes Lady Deathstrike much later).

Thanks to Lord Dark Wind, Bullseye gets surgically enhanced with an adamantium spine (and somehow he doesn’t need a healing factor for his body to accept the implant–unlike Wolverine), and Bullseye apparently has a psychic link with Daredevil.  I don’t think this aspect of their relationship was ever explored later.

Deathstrike isn’t Deathstrike yet.  She’s just Yuriko.

William Johnson’s art is very different from Miller/Janson–it’s clean, and the figures are very muscular (but lean–not like the 1990s version of muscular).  This arc announces a clear departure from the Frank Miller days, and begins to rebuild the DD universe by bringing Bullseye back.

There’s also some retconning (minor) of DD’s origin, showing his dad once fought as Red Devil.

And using the memory of his father to find mercy.

Overall, a very, very good story that nobody remembers because Frank Miller gets all the Daredevil love.

Creators: Denny O’Neil and Klaus Janson/Larry Hama (#197), William Johnson (#198-200)
Grade: B+

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