DOCTOR STRANGE #54-55 and SILVER SURFER #83-85 and WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #104-106 (1993): Infinity Crusade

There’s not a real reason to group these together other than that I have Infinity Crusade fatigue.

There were some good comics in 1993, but IC and its tie ins were none of them.

These issues all expand on the title characters’ adventures during the event, adding detail that nobody was looking for because Infinity Crusade stands in history as an example of how to take a great event (Infinity Gauntlet) spin it off into a cash-grab that, while not terrible, was certainly inferior (Infinity War), and then taking the fumes off that second series and trying to turn it into a 25-30 comic book crossover event.

And honestly?  Spider-Man shouldn’t even be part of this event.


These are all “F” graded books.

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