Daredevil #141-143 (1977)

Bullseye takes out Daredevil with a paper airplane but instead of killing him…
bullseye giant crossbow

Bullseye is still doing the death-trap thing.  He’s still kind of silly, but even corny Bullseye is fun.

And then the Bullseye story goes right into a Cobra/Hyde story, with another deathtrap.


Kinda seems like an old James Bond movie or the Adam West Batman show.

Also, Nova stops by to save Daredevil from certain death.  By coincidence (not), Marv Wolfman writes the new Nova solo book.

There’s also a story developing about Matt’s new girlfriend, Heather Glenn, whose father is involved in corporate misdeeds.

Creators: Jim Shooter (#141), Marv Wolfman (#142-143), Bob Brown

Grade: C+

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