MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #37-39: Vision, Daredevil, Yellowjacket (1978)

I see what they were doing here. They paired Thing up with Matt Murdock, for a courtroom drama. That’s pretty cool. Unfortunately, by the second issue, the story descends into a traditional smash-bash-fight-em-all tale. It would have been interesting to see a real courtroom drama, where the heroes are lawyers who use words and the Constitution.

I mean, that lineup alone is clearly a 6th Amendment violation.

Oh well.

As far as these stories go, it’s solid. Thinker creates a device that makes Thing go temporarily nuts, Thing breaks stuff and is taken into custody, then Daredevil intervenes and they stop Thinker’s larger plan: To make a legion of Vision robots and take over…What? The world? New York City at least.

Hank Pym makes an appearance and Thing literally takes him out by flicking his rocky finger.

Hypnotism-to-get-heroes-to-fight may be an overused 1970s trope, but it’s usually fun.

Creators: Marv Wolfman and Ron Wilson
Grade: C+




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