MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #125-132: Iron Fist (1993)

Danny Rand is back.  Baron Strucker’s Hydra steals some tech from Rand Corporation.  Or is it AIM?  Or maybe they’re allied?  It’s a little hard to tell.  Anyway, Iron Fist gets it back and argues with Misty Knight along the way.

It’s a simple story, but the bizarre part is that the Marvel Elder named Contemplator makes an appearance.




Joey Cavalieri – Writer
David Hoover / Bill Wylie & Kris Renkewitz / Fred Haynes – Penciler
Jeff Albrecht / Bud LaRosa, Peter Palmiotti, & Bill Wylie / Don Hudson – Inker
Mark Powers – Assistant Editor



Characters Appearing: Baron Von StruckerContemplatorIron FistMisty KnightSkeleton Ki

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