Spider-Man #32-34 (1993): Vengeance

There’s a vigilante killing criminals in New York, but it’s not Punisher.  I mean, he is killing criminals as well, but in this issue Spider-Man is doing it.

Of course it’s not the real Spider-Man.  But if you’re going to go through the trouble to make a copycat costume, why would you have silver shoes?

In an interesting twist, the imposter also has a second identity: Master of Vengeance.

Like most Punisher “team-ups,” we end up with a triangle: Punisher first fights the Hero, then they team up to catch the Villain, then Punisher tries to kill the villain so the hero fights Punisher again.   It’s a formula that’s been used in multiple Punisher stories in the past, but it’s done well here.

Creators: Steven Grant and Bob McLeod
Grade: C+

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