NOMAD #9-15 (1993)

Nomad gets connected with, and protects, a group of counterculture freedom fighters called The Undergrounders.  They have cells in every major city, so they’re consistent with Nomad’s itinerate nature.

These issues are just like episodes of The A-Team (or the old Bill Bixby Hulk show): Nomad goes to a city, takes down someone who is hurting the underclasses, and then moves on to the next place.

Along the way, he meets Red Wolf and Hate Monger.

It strikes me that this would be a good concept for a 2020 comic: An underground hero who travels the country fighting corruption and bad cops.

Creators: Fabian Nicieza and Pat Olliffe
Grade: D

Characters Appearing: Baby Bucky’s MomBucky (Julia Winter)EbbtideGiscard EpurerHorizonLegsNomad

Characters Appearing: Bucky (Julia Winter)Lobo (Will Talltree’s 2nd Wolf)NomadRed Wolf (Will Talltrees)Vernon Hatchway

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