THE INVADERS #1-4 (1993)

There is neither a good reason to read this series nor any reason for it to have been created in the first place, but if you miss the Golden Age of WW2 comics, here you go.  I’m writing about the 1993 reboot of The Invaders for just a few reasons.  First, it’s another entry in the “superheroes in tubes” category.

I like that they took the time to pay tribute to the classic way villains imprison heroes.  Second, I never realized how close Invaders foe Dr. Death was to Hulk.

And third, Namor has a stand-in penis.

Creators: Roy Thomas and Dave Hoover
Grade: C.  Nothing terrible here, just not my bag.  And better than it should have been.

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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