Marvel Two-In-One #9 (1975): Thor!

Scowlingly should be a word, because it describes how Ben Grimm is taking his new job as babysitter to Wundarr, a man-baby with Superman powers.  He takes him to a puppet show to entertain him and, of course, this means…Puppet Master!

All these team-up books seem to include a page or two of the titular heroes fighting, and usually there’s absolutely no reason for it.  But when you have a Puppet Master issue, the reason for fighting is perfect: Mind control!

First, the possessed Thor takes down the Fantastic Four (minus Thing).

Then Thing.

Thor shrugs it off (he’s not really fighting at full capacity anyway, and Thing is holding back, so it’s not a great fight), and Wundarr saves the day by bitchslapping Puppet Master, saying “You hurt my Unca Benjy!”

The babytalk is unnecessary and annoying.

Still, a fun issue overall.

Creators: Steve Gerber (plot), Chris Claremont (script), Herb Trimpe (pencils)
Grade: B
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