Man-Thing #19-21 (1975)

I do like volume one of Man-Thing, but it also seems like at this point Steve Gerber has run out of things to say.  So I don’t know if he was trying to save the book by putting several other major Marvel characters on the cover, but if he was…It didn’t work.

And it turns out, it’s not even them.

Man-Thing has gained the ability to leave his swamp, so of course the first thing he wants to do is see Hotlanta.  While there, demons masquerade as heroes and fight him.  There’s a bunch of new characters introduced (because it’s Steve Gerber, who brings in new people every issue), and there’s more of a story than what I’m putting here, but that’s the gist of it.  Lots of the elements of this final arc tie to previous Man-Thing stories.

In the end Ted Sallis, the human whose body became Man-Thing, is revived as a form of projected consciousness that fights Man-Thing via the body of another person.

And Steve Gerber appears.

Creators: Steve Gerber  and Jim Mooney
Grade: C+
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