This is basically a Thing solo story (after basically a Human Torch solo story last issue)John Buscema, in which Thundra returns from an alternate future to give Thing a “What If? experience: What if Thing had married Alicia?

He is given the opportunity to do what Thundra did, which is the live in an alternate reality, but of course in the end he goes back to his own timeline and is sad again.

Thing is doing an awful lot of moping these days.  I mean, even more than usual.  I get it—his best bro took his girl—but it doesn’t make for interesting comics.

In one scene he overhears Reed and Sue putting Franklin to bed.

Why do the FF have pictures of Thor and Iron Man in their living quarters?

The final page announces that Steve Englehart’s run will start next.  He used to be one of the greats—or at least “one of the consistently better than averages”—but his work on West Coast Avengers has been…Bad.

Here’s hoping he does well with FF.

Creators: Roy Thomas and John Buscema
Grade: C-

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