Captain America #334 (1987): 1st Battlestar Bucky

Former Super Patriot John Walker is now Captain America and although he’s been portrayed thus far as a bigoted lout, in this issue he undergoes “basic training” (the title of the issue) and shows some deference for the important legacy he is now assuming.  And he gets a black Bucky, whoh was formerly one of his sidekicks as Super Patriot.  The main difference is that this Cap is more Clint Eastwood than Cary Grant…

Also, the government is now using the Guardsman armor the way it used to use Mandroids…

…and they’ve hired mercenary supreme Taskmaster to train the new Cap, which makes sense since Blob and other villains are now serving as the Freedom Force.

Good stuff.  I didn’t miss Steve Rogers at all.

Creators: Mark Gruenwald, Tom Morgan
Grade: B-


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