Alpha Flight #50 (1987)

The X-Men/Alpha Flight miniseries was good.  Alpha Flight is not.  So, Bill Mantlo hopes to get some mojo by having the team go to the site where the miniseries happened, looking for magic to heal all the injured and sick people on the team. Which is just about everyone.  So, we have a failing creative team writing about a failing super-team in a book that is failing in every way.

How meta.

Of course, this just means Loki messes with them for the entire issue until we learn that
Aurora and Northstar have never been mutants—they’re Asgardian Elves.

Really?  This is how they cure Northstar of AIDS without every saying that he had AIDS.

This book continues to provide opportunities to discuss things like disability, homosexuality, and mental illness, and continues to fail in the discussion over and over and over again.

Creators: Bill Mantlo and
Grade: F

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