Marvel Comics Presents #112-115 (1992): Pip, Werewolf by Night, Arabian Night, Cloak and Dagger

If it were written by anyone other than Jim Starlin I would be very leery of a solo story about Pip the Troll, even if it were only 8-pages long.  But this one is by Starlin, with art by Rata Fagiani, and it makes for a fun little diversion as Pip picnics on Monster Island.  Grade: C.

Next, Len Kaminski and Vince Mielcarek give us Jack Russel, Werewolf by Night, looking increasingly feral.  And red.  He tracks down Wendigo in his human form and then doesn’t kill him, despite that as a human he’s kind of an asshole, bragging about how he gets to be immortal just for killing some people sometimes.

I don’t like this.  Grade: D+.

Issue #114 has Arabian Night by Gary Barnum and James Blackburn.  No need to say more.  Grade: F

Finally, in issue #115, Dagger breast feeds a grown man, thanks to Eric Fein and artist John Stanisci.

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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