Web of Spider-Man #13 (1986)

This issue is a classic example of something Marvel did all the time in the 1980s but almost never does any more.  It looks at a single, minor event that doesn’t involve supervillains or anything cosmic or worldbreaking, and shows it from the view of several witnesses.  Think Rashamon.

The basic fact: A man was hit by a car, and Spider-Man was right behind him.  Did Spidey chase him recklessly and cause him to be hit?  (No.)  Was he a criminal trying to evade capture?  (Yes.)  Does J. Jonah Jameson take full advantage of an opportunity to skewer Spider-Man?  (Yes.)  And does Spidey finally snap and scare the bejezus out of JJJ?  (Also Yes.)

Great little story.

Creators: Peter David and Mike Harris
Grade: B-

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