Power Pack #33 (1987)

There’s been a bit too much artist switching on this book, and it’s creating inconsistency.  But you gotta love that tribute to Robert Crumb on the splash page.

Storywise, the youngest team in the Marvel Universe teams up again with the second-youngest team, The New Mutants, and another frequent buddy Spider-Man, and together the whole group takes down Vulture and makes Sunspot feel better about himself.

Warlock’s personality is particularly appropriate for this book.

Actually, Vuture gets away.  But Julie Power dresses up like him…

…But fails to fool Franklin.

It’s a cute issue without much villain tension—the kind of Power Pack issue that made this book so charming in the first place.

And Jon Bogdanove does a good job with Warlock, who is a really tough character to work with artistically (and as a writer).

Creators: Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove
Grade: C+

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