AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #96-98 (1971)

First of all, Harry has a mustache that looks terrible and Pete don’t have to do the rah rah to prove he’s got soul.GREEN GOBLIN

Goblin goes full nutbag.

This is the classic Harry Does Drugs story, in which Stan, Gil (Kane) and John (Romita) take on drug use in, for what its time, was a meaningful way.  Yeah, it’s a little stilted and jaded by today’s cinema verite standards, but at the time there were only a handful of comics that had done this.

In fact, this book was dated May 1971 but the famous “Snowbirds Don’t Fly” issue of Green Lantern/Green Arrow (LG #85) didn’t come out until August of the same year.

Creators: Stan Lee and Gil Kane and John Romita
Grade: A

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