UNCANNY X-MEN #289-291 (1992)

There’s about a dozen relationship-based plots going on at once, and about three-dozen characters across these issues.  We are officially in the time when this book is impossible to follow.  In the scene above, Archangel is getting tired of being blue and Mystique tries to help him, but just pisses him off and he flies away.

Mystique appears to be losing her mind, but it’s not clear why.

also, Forge proposes marriage to Storm.  She says no, and Forge leaves.

Storm and Bishop seem to be beginning a romance.

The cliffhanger has Storm being attacked by Morlocks.

It’s all just too much.  The books are unfocused, and it’s impossible to care about anyone because there’s just so many of them.

Creators: Scott Lobdell, Whilce Portacio
Grade: C-

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