Cable gets a miniseries.  And the great JR Jr draws it.  Lots of big guns and shooting stuff.  The story fills in a lot of the mysterious elements of the character’s past, without revealing who his parents are.

We see him in the past on missions in hotspots like Iran and Afghanistan with his mercenary crew, being paid by the mysterious Tolliver–the same guy who Deadpool keeps talking about in X-Force.  During the flashback portion of the book, Cable turns on Stryfe–who is also working for Tolliver–which explains why he is now on the run and is not allied with Deadpool.

We also see how Garrison Kane, also on Cable’s team, got injured during the battle against Stryfe and Tolliver, and was rebuilt as Weapon X, and how he came back to fight Cable.

In the present-day story, Stryfe and Cable seem to mend fences, and there’s some bit about Apocalypse that I didn’t really understand.

Creators: Fabian Nicieza, John Romita Jr.
Grade; C+


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