Iron Man #203-204 (1986)

After a brief fill-in for #202, we’re back to a complex Denny O’Neil script.  Madame Masque has pulled a body switch with Bethany Cabe, shown above.  Obadiah Stane made it all happen, but of course he’s dead now—but that doesn’t stop Masque from taking the opportunity to get close to Tony Stark so she can kill him.

But before she can, the real Bethany Cabe—again, in Masque’s body—shoots Masque/McCabe.  This lets Stark figure out what’s going on, and he switches their minds back.

I would have liked this storyline to continue for more than just these few issues, but it’s a solid tale.

Creators: Denny O’Neil and M.D. Bright
Grade: C+.  Above average.

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