Johnny wants to propose to Alicia but he’s interrupted by…

Remember Invincible Man?  He was really a Skrull, disguised as Sue and Johnny’s dad.  Well, he’s back.

It’s a “ladies” issue, and they volunteer to help Invincible Man break into the Latverian embassy.  Only it turns out he’s still not really Invincible Man.  He’s…

Dr. Doom! Only, again, he’s not.  Or he is, but he’s in a different body.

The big reveal at the end of issue #287 is that Dr. Doom is back, and he summons The Beyonder because Dr. Doom is wicked smart with magic, there’s some time stuff, but really as soon as I see Beyonder I kinda tune out because I know it’s not going anywhere.  And it doesn’t.

Not the best work of John Byrne’s FF.

Creator: Byrne
Grade: C-

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