MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #109-111: Death Finally Speaks to Thanos!


In a totally bizarre twist, right in the middle of the Infinity War, a series of short features in a Marvel monthly anthology titles allows Death to speak for the first time to Thanos.

So what does she say?

It turns out, she’s very worried about the outcome of the Infinity War, and she wants Thanos to kill Adam Warlock.  If you’ve been reading along with this blog, you know that Thanos and Warlock had to team up during the Infinity War to defeat evil versions of themselves, so this would be a betrayal not only of that partnership but would possibly doom the entire galaxy to being enslaved by Magus (Warlock’s evil twin).  So Thanos’ decision, when he has Warlock in his sights, is…


Not only is this weirdly out of character, but it happens in an anthology story that most people never even knew existed.  Thanos wasn’t even on the cover!


Creators: Starlin and Shawn McManus
Grade: C+

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