DAKOTA NORTH #1-5 (1986)

I think this is a case where the character was retroactively made canon but this particular series is not, but I’m honestly not sure.  It’s a standard private eye story.

It’s the rare example of a female-written, female character who debuted in a self-titled book.  I can’t think of any other such book from Marvel in the 1980s.  Or the 1990s, for that matter.  I can’t think of one until Gail Simone’s Agent X in 2002.

Incidentally, this wasn’t a miniseries–it was cancelled abruptly, and in a rare moment of corporate honesty, Marvel told us so in the last panel…

And since this is a girl-comic, it has to have fashion aspects…

Creators: Martha Thomases and Tony Salmons
Grade: C-

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