What a weird little issue.  We see Reed and Sue off away together, Ben and Johnny and Johnny’s gal Crystal moping about how they’ve become the holes in the donut without Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Girl, Ben stressing about how he’s made of rocks so Alicia can’t possibly love him…A lot of the usual stuff.

And then the Watcher enters the living room and once again interferes-without-interfering.  This time, Silver Surfer has decided humans are too warlike so he’s gonna blow them all up.  And he seems to be saying that there is a single God who uses love as a weapon.  That’s kind of odd and random.

When Reed Richards indicates he’s not going to get involved because Sue is pregnant, the Watcher literally teleports him to the scene.  Talk about interfering!  Reed was actually NOT going to interfere and Watcher essentially FORCED him to!

It ends with Silver Surfer still feeling tragic but not as homicidal because Reed saves him from being hit by a really, really big misslie, proving not all humans are assholes.

Creators: Stan and Jack
Grade: B-

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