AVENGERS #273-277: Under Siege


Here is one of the most celebrated Avengers story in history…And one of the best of Roger Stern’s long, well-regarded run.  A whole mess of Avengers baddies finally figure out that if they band together they might actually be able to defeat the A team.  And it’s especially good because the terrible Black Knight gets a massive beatdown.

And held hostage.

Best use of Black Knight ever.  Human shield.

Hercules is drunk:


It also leads directly into the “Assault on Olympus” storyline.  Hercules doesn’t like takin’ orders from the ladies so goes off all mad like he’s drunk or somethin’ and ends up going to the hospital.  But the main storyline is about this team of villains taking over Avengers Mansion.

IMG_1240Scott Lang shows up to help…

It’s a well constructed extended battle scene.  Some good matches, like Blackout versus Captain Marvel.

Cap remains defiant.

And this is my favorite panel from the entire story:


Oh, and Arnim Zola dies…


We all know he comes back to life later.  But that doesn’t stop Cap from shedding manly tears.


Has Cap ever cried in a comic book before or since?

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