Marvel Comics Presents #101-103 (1992): Punisher, Phantom Rider, Rintrah

Really?  There’s not enough Punisher every month?  Issue #101 has a solo story where Punisher is able to kill someone at night when they light a cigarette, hence the punchline.

It’s really just a punchline story, which is fine for an 8-pager.

Creators: Ron Marz and Scott Kolins.  Grade: C

Next, issue #102 offers a Phantom Rider story.  Ghost Rider, which was the original name of Phantom Rider, is now a series regular in MCP, so here’s the Western version.  And just like Ghost Rider recently took on D’Spayre, so does Phantom Rider here.

My understanding of D’Spayre is that he’s like a Tinkerbell for sadness, feeding off the emotion of despair to enable him to … Do something.  Not sure what.  Anyway, apparently the way to beat him is just shoot him.  Creators: Gary Barnum and Dave Hoover.  Grade: D

And then in #103, Dr. Strange’s disciple Rintrah disguises himself as a human and goes out on the town but, of course, something bad happens, Rintrah drops his disguise, and they have to explain that it’s all a “show” to cover up his identity.  It’s fine but…Nobody cares about Rintrah.  By James Felder and Larry Alexander.  Grade: D+

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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