And so began the 1990s symbiote craze.

Carnage is much more vicious than his parent, Venom.

And consequently that leads to an uneasy alliance.

The story beats are as follows: Carnage emerges and kidnaps J. Jonah Jameson.  His coworkers seem awfully anxious to write an obit.

Human Torch gives Spider-Man a ride to the desert island where Venom is still living (although I thought he got off the island in Venom’s recent Darkhawk appearance).  Fight.

Venom agrees to help take on Carnage.  Fight.

JJJ gets rescued.  Venom then turns on Spider-Man, who had told Venom he’d leave him be if he helped with Carnage.

Human Torch comes back, this time with Reed Richards alongside him, and a sonic gun.  Fight.  They take down Venom.  JJJ gives a guilt trip to Spider-Man for lying to Venom.


In the last panels we see Peter Parker’s parents getting off a flight at JFK airport.

Creators: David Michelinie and Mark Bagley
Grade:  C+

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