Marvel Comics Presents #98-99 (Ghost Rider)

A two-issue Ghost Rider, and the second (of many) GR tales in MCP.  He and Wolverine actually start splitting the book, with two covers (one on the “front” and the other on the “back” of the book) and a “flip” in the middle, so that either character can be face-out on the newsstand.

Dan Slott is the author, playing with the Danny Ketch character and pitting him against D’Spayre.  Two issues of MCP is actually half a comic—16 pages—so there’s not much story here.

As with most Slott tales, it’s got a humorous bent.  D’Spayre gets a bunch of little D’Spyrtes, and in the panel above Ghost Rider tries to penance-stare them, but they love pain.

Creators: Dan Slott, Jimmy Palmiotti
Grade: C

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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