DAREDEVIL #25-26 (1967)


So one of DD’s first enemies was Electro, a Spider-Man villain.  Here, we meet Leap-Frog, who later really becomes more of a Spider-Man villain.  The way he’s drawn, they seem to be going for a horror vibe–but it only comes off as silly.

He’s incredibly dumb.  And fantastic.  Everything I love about early Marvel.

This is also the issue where we meet Matt Murdock’s “twin brother” Mike.  He’s Matt, of course.

No, Karen, he really is Matt.

The whole point of the identity was that Matt’s secret I.D. was compromised, so this gave more opportunity for misdirection.

As for the action: Daredevil foils Leap Frog from committing crimes and then, next issue, defends him in court.

And fights Stilt-Man in the streets.

Masked Marauder is very impressed by Stilt-Man’s tech.  He’s the only one.

Creators: Stan Lee, Gene Colan
First appearances: Leapfrog, Mike Murdock
Grade: B

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