STRANGE TALES #150-154 (1966-1967)

The Doctor Strange stories continue to be pure shit.  Seriously.  They’re just awful.

Jim Steranko signs on the finish over Kirby’s layouts on the Nick Fury stories, and the art is good, but it will get much, much better with Jim isn’t bound by Kirby anymore.  Steranko’s a designer, so he offers up a blueprint of the helicarrier.

Because these comics are just plain bad, I’m just posting the Bullpen Bulletin announcement about Steranko.

Creators: Dr. Stange: Roy Thomas and Bill Everett (#150), Stan Lee and Everett (#151-152), Lee and Marie Severin (#153)

Fury: Lee, Kirby/Buscema (#150), Lee, Kirby/Steranko (#151-154)

Grade: Strange: F, Fury: D

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