THE INCREDIBLE HULK #390-392 and X-FACTOR #76 (1992)

Walk softly in bunny slippers and carry a big ass gun.

The Pantheon sends Hulk into another country ruled by a despot to take down the government.

Rick Jones thinks it’s a bad idea.

But it turns out, the United States–and SHIELD–is supporting the leader.

Check out the souped-up mandroids.

As part of their “we’re good guys now” role, X-Factor are sent in to stop Hulk.

Big fight.  It ends in a draw, but really Hulk won.

The story then moves to X-Factor #76, where the team realizes Hulk was doing the right thing and continue the job he started.

And then back to Hulk, where he returns to help X-Factor finish the job.

So, nice crossover with Peter David’s two big Marvel titles.

Creators: Peter David, Dale Keown (Hulk), Tom Raney (X-Factor)
Grade: A

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