AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #217-218 (1981)


Sandman and Hydroman spend a whole issue trying to impress a gal from a bar…

…and avoiding the cops.

It’s kind of cute.  Two big super-powered doofuses causing havoc over a local girl.  Then Spider-Man comes along and ducks…

…and the villains crash into each other, becoming…

The Mud-Thing!

The girl they’ve been fighting over immediately sells them to a promoter, who puts show girls all around them and exploits them.  Eventually, they go nuts and break out–just like King Kong.

In the end, Spider-Man takes them down.

Lots of fun.  I’m enjoying Denny’s run.  Of course, the fact that Romita draws it helps a lot.  I also acknowledge my sentimental attachment to these issues–I was eleven when I started reading them, and I thought they were totally the shit.

Creators: Denny O’Neil and John Romita, Jr.

Grade: B-

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