Uncanny X-Men #34-35 (1967)

These two issues feel like fill-ins.  Certainly #34 is, because the artist isn’t Roth and it has nothing to do with Professor X being kidnapped.  Instead, it features Mole Man and his ongoing adversary Tyrannus.  It’s bland and forgettable.  But Cyclops does karate on Mole Man.  That’s cool.  Plus, they encounter him via a new vehicle.

They’re searching for a dude named Tyrannus, who lives underground.

But they should be searching for Professor X, which they do in issue #35, when they meet (and of course fight) Spider-Man.

But still, the kidnapping of Professor X, which happened in #33, but it still feels like a sideshow to the main event.  A spider-robot attacks X-mansion (sent by the Factor Three band that kidnapped Xavier), and Peter Parker is vacationing nearby so we get a Spider-Man/X-Men team-up.

But of course a fight first, where Spidey literally kicks Beast’s butt.

Seriously, though, who vacations in Westchester?  Issue #35 also introduces Changeling–an extremely minor character.

Also, we see that Banshee is also looking for the good professor.

Creators: Roy Thomas, Dan Adkins (#34); Thomas and Roth, with Adkins on inks (#35).
Grade: D

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