Tales To Astonish #81-83 and Tales of Suspense #79-80): First Boomerang, Cosmic Cube and Red Skull (in present day)

I think this is the first time two different Marvel books shared a storyline.  It starts in ToS #80, and then continues in the Sub-Mariner half of TtA.  Marvel books had surely referenced each other, but I can’t recall one being “to be continued” in a different title.  It’s fairly good, albeit forgetful.

The Hulk storyline in these issues is unrelated to the big event, but we do get the first appearance of Boomerang who, inexplicably, uses discs as a weapon and has jet boots.

Also Iron Man fights Namor.

It’s the Captain America story that really kicks ass though, because it brings Red Skull into the “current day” of the Marvel Universe.  Apparently, Captain America accidentally put his enemy in suspended animation when he blew up the bunker Skull was hiding in and released an experimental gas.  In the present day, Skull is working with A.I.M. to get his hands on The Cosmic Cube (first appearance!).

And AIM is building super-monsters.

At the end of issue #80, Skull’s got the Cube and Cap is realizing his enemy is now invincible.  We’ll continue that in the next post because, frankly, there’s a lot of books we’re covering in this post.

The Marvel Universe is certainly becoming tangled…

Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Bill Everett (Captain America); Lee (script on #81, 83), Roy Thomas (script on #82), Gene Colan and Jack Kirby (art) (Sub Mariner); Lee and Colan (Iron Man); Lee and Everett (Hulk).
First appearances: Modern-day Red Skull, Cosmic Cube, The Boomerang.
Grade: Sub-Mariner and Iron Man: B-; Captain America: A-; Hulk: D-.

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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