Captain America #339 (1988): Fall of the Mutants

Cap has a nightmare where his shield disappears, and where he’s naked…

…Or at least in his underwear.  So what do the dreams mean?

Cap is having nightmares about having lost his identity to USAgent.  He literally has the “being in public in your underwear” dream, and look at his boxers.  Such a patriot.

In the main story, Cap (and his gang) learn about the “death” of the X-Men from a gloating Blob.  Then, Famine, one of Apocalypse’s four horseman, meets up with Cap’s team when she tries to destroy farmland.

She hurts Nomad…

…and The Falcon, but The Captain and his team win in the end.

The new Cap shows up at the end and has nothing to do because “real” Cap took care of it.

At the very end, Tony gives Cap a new shield and we get a “continued in Iron Man.”

So, lots of tie-ins, but they’re all nicely done—issues like this are how Marvel weaves its fabric of a shared universe.

Creators: Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer
Grade: C+

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