The Avengers #23-24 (1965-1966)

I really wish these issues of Avengers weren’t so dumb on reread, especially since I think this is the first work John Romita, Sr., did  for Marvel.  His unique style and talent isn’t apparent yet, but then again he’s inking over Don Heck and there’s only so much you can do with that kind of raw material.

Captain America quit the Avengers last issue, and he’s taken up boxing.

A promoter saw him deck some thugs on the street.

But he still can’t forget his teammates.

Then Kang comes along and kicks the remaining Avengers’ asses, Cap finds out, and returns to kick Kang’s ass.  And he does it all for love.

All in two issues.  Imagine if this had been decompressed—you can see a lot of potential for stories here, but as usual Stan Lee was in a rush to get back to the status quo.

Also, check this out from the bullpen bulletins:

Yes, this is the month Roy Thomas signed on as editor!

Creators: Lee/Heck, with John Romita, Sr., on inks for #23.
Grade: C-

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