Thor #182-183 (1970)

Dr. Doom wants to clean up his ugly face and he reads a story in the Daily Bugle that Dr. Donald Blake has discovered a new plastic surgery method.  How does Dr. Blake have time to pursue medical research when his body is hijacked by a Norse God every day or so?

Answer: He doesn’t!

It’s an ingenious trap designed to get Doom to invite Blake to Latveria, so he can rescue an innocent woman being held captive by Doom.

It works, and Dr. Doom shoots Blake with a teleportation gun.  Doom does all his own dirty work, by the way, and this represents the first comic book drive-by shooting.

When Doom asks Blake to operate, Don’s response is hardly appropriate.  Hilarious.  But hardly appropriate.

Then, Thor and Doom fight.  It’s not particularly noteworthy as far as battles go, but we do get a scene with Doom trying to lift Thor’s hammer.

Silly Doom.

Creators: Stan Lee and John Buscema
Grade: B-
Doom, Mjolnir, doom takes off mask

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