The Uncanny X-Men #17-18 (1965-1966): Magneto Returns!

This image, from the last page of #17, is probably my favorite Magneto picture ever.  I love his monstrous size, the great use of his eyes…It’s perfect.

But he does introduce himself a lot.

We also saw him manifest “magnetic hypnosis” powers in issue #17, a skill he doesn’t appear to ever have again. 

Storywise, all the X-Men except Iceman, are floating into the atmosphere, trapped in a balloon.  Yes, Iceman basically holds off the guy who can singlehandedly take on the entire team—and more.

But before he takes on Magneto, we learn how he and Toad escaped from The Stranger’s homeworld: They stole a spaceship.  That’s it.  Nothing really cool.

By the time the X-Men figure out how to escape from the hot air balloon (Cyclops shoots a small hole in the surface, so that it leaks slowly), Magneto has gotten the best of Iceman–but the rest of the team shows up in time to save him.

It’s a fun story.

Creators: Jack Kirby (plot); Stan Lee (script); Werner Roth and Jack Kirby (art)
Grade: B

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