In addition to the ongoing X-Men story, this issue has two single-issue stories. And one of them introduces a very important character.  That’s right…

Red Raven!  No, just kidding.  I mean, this is the first appearance of Red Raven, in a story (by Scott Lobdell and Chris Wozniak) starring Sub-Mariner, who tries to help her stop Diablo from destroying the environment.  It’s pretty lame.  Grade: D.

No, I’m talking about the Iron Man story, by Steve Ditko and Will Murray, that introduces Squirrel Girl.

In which she defeats Dr. Doom with an army of squirrels.

She ends up being a cult favorite hero, but this first appearance is…Bad.

And I’m pretty sure Steve Ditko didn’t mean any double entendre in the closing lines of the story.

Grade: C-

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