How Do I Write a Comic Story?

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Comics are exciting, and most of us love them. In the everyday eye, writing such interesting stories seems to be a straight forward task, but in reality, there is a lot of writing these pieces than meets the eye. It is because the process of writing comics has remained a mystery to most people.

In reality, you need to put more time and effort into the preparation if you want to make your comic a worthy read. You ought to put in time researching, think visually, and then plan out the structure of your comic. You must also consider working with an artist who will help you bring your story to life using beautiful images.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t scare you. There are lots of materials available that can guide you into writing an interesting comic story. Want to write a comic novel? Here is a guide on some of the steps you can follow to write a piece that comic fans will love:

  • Come up With a Compelling Story

Before creating a comic, you should have a story that the comic will be based on. Most of the best comics you see today are based on some books you have read. So a good story is the basis of a great comic. You don’t have to draw to create comics. Ensure you have several characters in your story. Most importantly, the characters should be well defined, with the main character coming out clearly.

Once you have the main character, create a conflict. By overcoming what is on the way, your main character should come out as a hero or a supervillain.

If you cannot think of a good story, you can always seek help from paper writing service. Most of these services will help you craft a creative story that you can use to write your comic.

  • Think in Pictures

Writing for comics varies from writing a novel. It is because comics are based on dialogue and artistry.  Always make the story visual and incorporate conversations that are short and concise. If you can replace a sentence with an image, then do so.

You should also be dynamic with your characters to make your story interesting. Allow your characters to make mistakes, get hurt, and then heal them in the most unexpected ways. Don’t make your hero a perfect figure; let them take charge and make wrong decisions that will cost them dearly.

  • Structure Your Story

Now that you have the story, you should think about how to structure it. Think of the number of panels you’ll have on each page, how you want the panels to be, among other considerations.

Ideally, a well-structured comic should have about five panels on each page. To make your comic visually appealing, vary your panels from one page to another. Panels are the layout of the page; therefore, if you make them the same throughout, your book is bound to look dull.

The panels can be constructed based on the scene and the actions taking place. If, for instance, the scene is taking place in a high place, you can use the eagles’ eyes method to make your panels large and enable the audience to understand the action better. It is artistry work, so be sure to hire an artist whose style fits your particular story.

  • Length and Format

Comics can be written in many formats. You can decide to write a short one-page story or a novel, or even publish a monthly series. The length and format you choose will depend on your preference and plot.

However, if you want to write a comic that makes you money for a long time, consider how marketable your story is. That’s the whole essence of doing research.

  • Conduct Thorough Research

You don’t want to write a comic that no one will read just because it is similar to another popular cartoon or because it’s boring. So do research about the existing comics and read many stories and come up with the one-of-a-kind comic. I understand that’s difficult to do in an industry as productive as the comic industry.

However, do enough research and study how other comic writers bring out their superheroes. You should then create your superhero and get something to make him stand apart. Be as dynamic as possible, and try to break the standard mold with your story, and your comic story will be a successful read.


Writing a great comic story is about being creative, reading widely, and coming up with a story and characters that will be new yet so exciting to comic lovers. With some hard work and thorough research, you should be able to come with something interesting.

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