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The comic industry has come of age. It had grown steadily over the years from the time when comic stories were printed on cheap strips of papers and barely edited, during which no one would regard it as art to be the established industry it is today.

Over that period, there have been popular mainstays that have moved masses and acquired a broad audience. I will show you some great comics that have been game-changers for their respective genres below:

  • The Dark Phoenix Saga (The Uncanny X-Men) #129-138

It is a story of victory and disaster. When the Dark Phoenix rises, the sun becomes cold, and the universe dies. The X-Men decide to use their power to protect people, both those who love and hate them.

But the challenge comes when one of their own, Jean Grey, acquires excess powers and gets corrupted. Now the X-Men are in limbo. Do they continue to protect humankind at the expense of the life of a woman (Jean Grey) they cherish so much?

Creators: Chris Claremont, Jo Duffy

  • The Master Race (Impact) #1

This classic humorous book story is at the center of addressing social issues by highlighting the atrocities in the Nazi concentration camps. This comic provides good themes for writing essays. When search, ‘do my paper‘ you will get essay writers who can help you write essays based on social issues themes like the ones addressed in this comic.

This highly poignant story spares no truth as it recounts the suffering of survivors in the hands of the Nazis. You can see one of the survivors being haunted by memories of the camps for some years. The man can’t keep off the terrors of World War II and, while on a subway, recognizes a former commandant in the camp who tried to kill him.

Creators: Bill Gaines, Al Feldstein

  • Demon in a Bottle (Iron Man) #120-128

One of Marvel’s preeminent heroes, Iron Man, faces Justin Hammer of one of his foes with his army. But before Iron Man battles his untouchable foe, can he overcome his personal demon of alcoholism?

The storyline effectively brings out the human interest aspect of Tony Stark. Many could understand he was human, and they identified with his challenges. Ant-man alongside Sub-Mariner also get to feature in the story as guest-starring.

Creators: John Michelinie, David, Layton Bob, Romita Jr.

  • Snowbirds Don’t Fly (Green Lantern/Green Arrow) #85-86

It is one of the first comic books to highlight drug abuse. The story features Green Lantern and Green Arrow, who are at war with drug dealers. There is a twist when Green Lantern learns that Green Arrow’s protégé Roy (“Speedy”) is addicted to heroin. In fact, they would find out later that “Speedy” is among the junkies who attacked Green Arrow and shot him with a crossbow.

Today it remains one of the most-watched anti-drug comedy despite facing the risk of cancelation in earlier days.

Creators: Neal Adams, Dennis O’Neil

  • Watchmen

The story features two retired superheroes working as government-sanctioned agents (Dr. Manhattan and The Comedian) and another agent, Rorschach, who works independently. These three heroes try to unveil the circumstances surrounding the murder of their friend. While at it, they also uncover a conspiracy that affects the whole world. This legendary graphic novel is a game-changer for its genre, and it is also featured on “Time’s 100 Best Novels.”

Creators: Alan Moore

  • Maus I: A Survivor’s Tale

Yet another comic book that recounts survivors’ haunting experience at the hands of Nazi’s. The author narrates his father’s experiences during the Holocaust and how he managed in the concentration camps. You also get to see how these experiences shaped the lives of everyone who survived and their children.

It is a story of trauma and frustration for Jews’ survival at the hands of the Nazis. The Jews are referred to as wide-eyed mice, while the Nazis are depicted as menacing cats. Indeed, this comic manages to successfully tell a story of one of the most unspeakable tragedies in history.

Creator: Art Spiegel man

  • Days of Future Past (The Uncanny X-Men) #141-142

The Uncanny X-Men revolutionized the comic industry in the late 70s featuring issues like science fiction. In this story, mutants are locked up in camps operated by Sentinels.

Kitty Pride, one of the Marvel characters, is tasked with preventing a critical occurrence in the relationship between the mutants and humans, which alters the future.

Creator: Chris Claremont, John Byrne

If you love comics, you will understand just how hard it is to put up a list of the best comics of all time. A list of 7 may not be comprehensive enough, but I’ve tried to select the best of the best. I hope you enjoyed the read.

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